RC-Review: HPI Savage 4.6 XSS Brushless Conversion - Part 2 mit Fahrbericht!

Hey guys,

its that time again for the HPI Savage XSS Brushless Conversion we all have been waiting for! Including me!

So now it is finally ready and my only which is that it will give me pleasure - for a long time :)

Have fun and leave a comment down below!


Sennheiser Headset PC 320 Review - Part 1

Sennheiser announced the PC320 some time ago and I finally got my hands on this brand new product!
In the first part of this review I go through the unboxing process and present some details of the product itself. I also state some first thoughts about the build quality and give some insights about how the next part of this review will be.

Sennheiser placed this headset in a midrange price segment which makes it an affordable 69€ headset with all of the features of its bigger brothers.

If you think about getting this headset you should definately check out my latest review below!


RC-Review: Traxxas Slash Bashing - 2S and 3S LiPo

Hey guys,

here is the other video of the day at the track. Its a bit longer and I tell some stories about the Traxxas Slash and the work that has been done on that car.


iPhone 4 Camera capabilities - FullHD Video Recording Demo

Since the iPhone 4 was released every single manufacturer tries very hard to get the video quality of that same smartphone and now that it is actually possible to reach the quality of the iPhone 4 Apple decided to release the new iPhone 4S with an even better camera.

To demonstrate its capabilities I've made a short video with German commentary:

RC-Review: Reely Overheater Brushless Conversion - 3S and 4S LiPo

Yeah! I'm back!

Here is the newest creation: A short video about using 3S and 4S LiPos in my Reely Overheater. This car simply kicks ass and there is no other way of saying it :)