Borderlands Review - A 3D Diablo-like shooter?

Borderlands was AngryJoes (from the AngryJoeShow) most anticipated game in 2009 with a ton of promised features we know from the Diablo games. But can it really hold up to its ancestors?

Well, some. The problem is to decide if the game is so good to motivate you for weeks, or if its just that little bit too repetitive that it bores you after ten days.... I'm actually not sure myself. I can see why a lot of people like the game, but in my mind they simply could have done more on the details...

Please tell me what you think about the game!

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  1. Great review, it's nice to see a game that had a lot of time put into all aspects of the game itself. I am definitely excited to play Borderlands, especially since its one of the first RPG first person shooters. I will definitely put this game at the top of my Blockbuster queue list so I can get it sooner. As a DISH Network customer/employee, I really need that break for TV and Blockbuster really helps with just that. If you make the switch to DISH, you can get 3 months of Blockbuster for free. If anyone is interested, you can get more information at http://bit.ly/m86n4Y.