LRP - The freakin errors with the S10 Bast TX RC-Car

See, there is an appeal to fast cars. I understand why fast cars are great to I try to make my RC-cars as fast as possible.
With regular cars, I mean road going cars, you have certain issues you should consider when upgrading the engine. The gearbox, the drive train and the diff has to be able to handle the power.
On RC-cars on the other hand the user has to rely on stuff that a producer gives us. I'm not able to produce my own gears so I have to wait until the developer sells metal gears instead of the crappy plastic ones.
Now I did upgrade my motor on the RC-car. It broke - together with the controller. Then LRP - to name my developer - sent me an even stronger version of their motor because my old version was not produced anymore. Which is nice!
But there are two problems with that. The controller is not able to handle the power and the car is... not able to handle the power.
With the smallest possible gear on the motor that can be attached to the motor and the car (physically) the motor is still fast and strong enough to break components of the car easiely. So my front diff broke, yesterday, during a five minute run during which my controller overheated and shut down. I don't see how the car will ever run with my components.

It is destined to break.

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